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27 AUG 2018

Career Practitioners Conference 2018

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Conference Programme

Jim Bright

Dr Jim Bright


Chaos Theory of Careers: What is it? How do I use it? Is it useful?

The world is getting more VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), and chaos is inevitable! How can Career Practitioners and those engaged in related professions prepare individuals for the future of work?

This presentation by Dr Jim Bright will provide an overview of the “Chaos Theory of Careers” (CTC) by Pryor & Bright (2011). The CTC is an approach to career development that emphasises complexity, change and chance, and was originally proposed to address what were seen as shortcomings in the mainstream approaches. The CTC will discuss the importance of moving the goalposts of career development, from trying to identify the perfect fit to preparing individuals for an uncertain and ever changing world. It emphasises on the need to take advantage of unexpected opportunities, and to develop resourcefulness and persistence in the face of unexpected adversity, which are becoming ever more critical to success.

Dr Roberta Neault

Dr Roberta Neault


It Takes a Village . . . Building and Sustaining an Engaged Workforce

It’s often been said that “it takes a village to raise a child.” In the complex current and future workplace, it can be argued that it will also take “a village” to support lifelong career development. Parents, educators, and employers each play a significant role in influencing students and workers in the transitioning and establishment of their careers. Governments, too, play a significant role in shaping the workforce and facilitating lifelong learning to ensure a resilient and engaged workforce in an economy that is increasingly volatile and uncertain. Most importantly, individuals themselves must take ownership of their own career development as they seek out opportunities to learn, grow, and engage in their work, and other life roles.

The Career Engagement model offers a holistic approach to understanding dynamic experiences at work, in school, and in life in general. Optimal engagement results from an appropriate match between challenges and available capacity. The notion of capacity extends beyond characteristics within the individual to include environmental influences and organizational resources such as money, time, people, equipment, and training. Too much challenge for available capacity is overwhelming; too little results in feeling underutilized. Being too overwhelmed or underutilized can result in disengagement and apathy as individuals lose their motivation and ability to fully contribute.

The Career Engagement model offers practical tips and strategies to apply at home, in school, and at work, to contribute to a sustainable, energized, and resourceful workforce, now and for Singapore’s future!

Darryl Parrant Hi Res


MSID, M.Mgmt (Hon.), BPhEd, BA

Future of work and its impact on career development

We are witness to the blurring of lines between the physical, digital and biological worlds, and technological breakthroughs like artificial intelligence and robotics are leading the change. This is a disruptive change that is affecting the flow of a business model, which in turn affects how services and products are delivered.

Digitalization is transforming the nature of work and presenting opportunities for organizational change. Jobs as we once knew them are evolving at a rapid pace; new skill requirements, and occupations are emerging on one hand and displacing some workers on the other. Organizations today face significant challenges in understanding the implications of this change. This all impacts on the career pathways, as well as career planning and development aspects for all. This keynote will share insights and perspective to help provide a better understand on the likely implications for career practitioners.


27 August 2018, Monday, 9.15 am - 5.30 pm
(Registration opens at 8.15 am)



8.15 - 9.15 am
9.15 - 9.30 am
Welcome Message by WSG
Welcome Message by President, PCDA
9.30 - 10.30 am
Dr Jim Bright
“Chaos Theory of Careers: What is it? How do I use it? Is it useful?”
10.30 - 11.00 am
Tea Break
11.00 - 11.45 am
Arrival of Guest–of-Honour,
Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister for Manpower and Second Minister for Home Affairs
11.45 - 12.45 pm
Dr Roberta Neault

“It Takes a Village . . . Building and Sustaining and Engaged Workforce”

12.45 - 1.45 pm
1.45 - 3.00 pm
Breakout Sessions

Session 1.Dr Jim Bright

Session 2. Dr Roberta Neault

3.00 - 3.30 pm
Tea Break
3.30 - 4.30 pm
Mr Darryl Parrant

“Future of Work and its Impact on Career Development”

4.30 - 5.15 pm
Panel Discussion

Ms Selena Huynh, Moderator

Dr Jim Bright, Panellist

Dr Roberta Neault, Panellist

Mr Darryl Parrant, Panellist

Ms Lynn Ng, Panellist

Ms Wong Sing Chee, Panellist

5.15 pm
Conference Closing Address by PCDA
5.30 pm
Close of CPC2018
Career Practitioners Conference 2018
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